Smoking Cessation | Nicotine Withdrawal in Beijing

Smoking cessation in Beijing, quitting smoking, is a goal for many. Nicotine withdrawal in Beijing is a major issue particularly in the early days when we stop smoking. There is hope to be successful at this.

Smoking issues | Smoking cessation in Beijing

We advise our clients who are interested in smoking cessation in Beijing to begin by reading and re-reading a publication from the American Lung Association called, "7 Steps to a Smoke-Free Life" by Edwin B. Fisher.

It is a very practical guide which addresses the issue of nicotine withdrawal and changing the behaviors associated with quitting smoking. Then come to see our doctors and we can discuss the proper nicotine replacement therapies which are suitable to you and your lifestyle.

An early age | Nicotine withdrawal in Beijing

Most of us began smoking at a very young age. Typically we thought it was a habit we could just quit. Then we discover, it is a lot more difficult to break away from. Most people who begin smoking at a young age just feel it will be impossible to quit the habit as we age.

To successfully quit smoking takes a few tries, and a few failures for nearly everyone. We have a lot of experience and patience with this.

There is certainly no miracle cure for nicotine dependency. But, smoking is not only about the nicotine. It is a life-style and environmental habit. Nicotine replacement therapy combined with positive reinforcement are effective in helping smoker's quit the habit.

Let's discuss this when you visit our Beijing clinic.

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