Hair Loss

No serious professional wants to see his hair fall out when there is a non-invasive, well proven & cost-effective option for treating hair loss. There is. And, it is the only method proven by the FDA that works for most, not all, men to stop hair loss. And, in a significant percentage of cases actually works for hair re-growth.

Hair loss is treatable in approximately 80% of male cases. We prescribe a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor. 5-alpha reductase is an enzyme in our body that converts the male hormone testosterone into DHT. DHT is a more potent derivative of testosterone that is believed to be the main cause of male pattern baldness. Hair follicles that are sensitive to DHT will fall off when exposed to the hormone. Because the medication affects the male hormone in our body, women especially are cautioned against using the drug since it may give rise to birth defects.

In a 24-month clinical study in the US of this medication on 1,215 men with varying degree of hair loss in the vertex of the scalp, 83% of the participants reported the same or higher hair count versus only 23% of the control group who were administered a placebo. Most subjects reported an increase in the amount of hair and decrease in hair loss.

In another clinical testing, over 1,800 men aged 18 - 41 with mild to moderate amounts of hair loss were studied for 12 months in the US. All participants, whether receiving this medication or placebo (the control group), were given Neutrogena T/Gel - a medicated shampoo. The results showed that the participants who took this medication maintained or increased the number of visible hairs and noticed improvement in their hair in the first year, with the effect maintained in the second year. However, hair counts in men who did not take this medication continued to decrease.

Visit our Beijing clinic for a free consultation with a dermatologist to learn more about stopping hair loss.  It is inexpensive and in most cases effective.  The sooner you begin treatment, the more effective it is likely to be over the long term.  We are treating clients as young as 18 years old for pre-mature hair loss.