Skin Tightening

Lift years off your face without surgery and through the use of safe, advanced laser technology imported from Israel. Until recently the only way you could fight the effects of time on your facial appearance was through a surgical facelift which is a costly process in most countries.

The outcome of our CMS laser treatment is two fold: immediate tightening of the existing collagen fibers in the skin and provide a visible lift and firming of sagging skin. The effect is so noticeable, that it has our patients gasp from joy and disbelief when we show them the mirror half way through (comparing treated to untreated side) and at the end of the session.

The long term effect is also important: the skin perceives the treatments as a sign that it needs to rejuvenate itself and revs up collagen production for 6-12 months after the last treatment. Thus the immediate tightening effect is followed by a lasting regeneration and improvement.

Skin Tightening can also be used to gently lift and tighten the nasolabial lines, the jowls, soften the crows feet and elevate the eyebrows, with no surgery required. Body areas such as loose skin around the belly button, inner arms and inner thighs have also been responsive to the treatment.
We offer the best, most advanced and safest skin tightening services available in Beijing.